Monday, January 11, 2016

Contraataque El Enemigo


its a great day and was an amazing week. i have lots to tell and little time so we will get right to it :))

First, Hna Karla A. is so great!! her little son is doing a LOT better this week..i saw him smile and laugh for the first time in a while which is great!!! she has been having lots of trials lately, trials which would normally break the desires of the people, but she has been PRESSING FORWARD!!!! she wasnt able to come to church this week because she had to take her son to get checked, but her testimony of the book of mormon is growing!! :) her whole family is catholic..which sometimes worries her but she is progressing toward baptism!!

Also this week we had a meeting with presidente Ruiz, it was kinda "improv" bc they told us tuesday night and it was wednesday, but it was great!!! :)) the focus of the meeting was "Contraataque Al Enemigo" that means, "counter atack to the Enemy." we have a goal this month of MORE THAN 200 BAPTISMS!!!!! and we started the month very presidente wanted to help us find out what was happening and how we can change it. he did this analogy that we can relate to:

in sports when the other team starts to get ahead, what do we do!? (the first thing that came to my mind was Diamond Hard...but i couldnt say that to Presidente Ruiz lol) WE COUNTER ATACK THEM!!!

well thats waht we planned in this conference. first, we have changed a LOT of things in the culture of our mission to help us really focus on the calling that we have, and we talked about being more obediente as a mission. we also made plans as a districts as to what we would do to counter atack the enemy in our areas and even made battle crys...all of these things are to help us reach the goal that was PROMISED to us by an APOSTLE OF THE LORD in November!!! BRILLANDO MISION REU!!! :) also to finish the conference, we started a fast together (we fast every wednesday) and let me tell you...IT WAS SO POWERFUL!! the spirit was so strong!!!! there is power in fasting!!! :D

also the members of our ward this week REALLY helped us!! we received lots of references and were able to contact almost all of them! members really are the best way to do missionary remember that!! ;) but i would like to tell you of the BIGGEST miracle we had this week...and it all started with a desire to visit a MA family:

friday night we planned to visit a MA family with our ward mission leader, bc we didnt know where they lived. it had been a good day but we hadnt found any new investigators. we were sitting on a bench waiting for him to come and i was just thinking about the day that we had had, and i felt calm, but also like something was missing. i didnt recognize the feeling until later but it was the spirit telling me, "just wait and see what the lord has planned" well our WML got there and we started walking to the house of the MA family, but on the way he told us, "hermanas, if its okay with you i have a friend who is waiting to meet us right now, can we go before we go with the family?" of course we said yes!! and i felt like jumping in the street with joy because it was the first member reference WITH A CITA that we had recieved!!! :) so we went to meet this friend, and it turns out that this friend has a wife!!! :D thats when we met la Familia Cardenas, Jimi and Mildred. they are so great!! they are younger, (22-25) and just got married 9 months ago! they were talking with the sisters in the area about 6 months ago but Jimi went to the States and Mildred went to live with her mom and they lost contact. well he is back now and they are SO willing to learn!!! :)))) they are really special! we left their house and i was smiling like a child on christmas!!! :))) ALSO they came to church on sunday!!! :))) (they walked in RIGHT before the sacrament!! :D) and they really liked it!!! and later that night we went with them and Hermano Jimi accepted baptism for the 23 of JAN!!!! :)))) they truly are prepared!! we have a cita with them on Wednesday and we are going to do a FHE and make food!! :)))

that experience taught me lots of things, the first of which is it reaffirmed a phrase we have in the mission "Exactly Obedient So God Cannot Deny A Miracle" hermana chan and i try very hard to be obedient, we arent perfect but everyday we do our best so that just like heavenly father lead us to Familia Cardenas, he can lead us to others!!! also it helped me remember that HE NEVER LEAVES US ALONE!!! its right in the moments that we are about to give up that he sweeps in and saves us!!!

this is truly the work of the lord, and how amazing it is to be a part of it!!! please pray and ask heavenly father for the names of people who you can invite the missionaries to teach. THIS IS THE ONLY TRUE CHURCH AND THE ONLY CHURCH THAT HAS THE KEYS TO CELESTIAL KINGDOM!!! we cant let anyone NOT recieve these blessings!!!

I love you all so much! have a great week!! work hard, pray harder!! :D

Con amor,
Hermana Canty

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