Monday, May 4, 2015

Miracles and Raindrops

how are all of you doing!! great!!!! :) well i dont know if you guys know this..but in less than a week i will see all of your beautiful shining faces...through a blurry computer screen!!!! ;) PREPARE YOURSELVES PEOPLE!! i have forgotten english.... ;))))))
anywho..i dont have tooooo much time today bc me and my comp have to go to Reu tonight bc we are going to the capital tomorrow!!!!..entonces...we have to leave malacatan at 4..its a very long and sickening bus ride... ;) but yeah! lol
so i will get to it! THIS WEEK WAS AMAZING!!!!! i dont know if you all remember my email after the stake conference when i wrote about all of the investigators who came!? well 2 of those investigators were baptized and confirmed this weekend!!! YEP THATS RIGHT!!! their names are Maria and Selvin. its a mom and her son. #story time.... when i first got here to malacatan the other sisters had only taught them like 1 or 2 times and the mom was a little sketchy about letting us meet with her kids, and even less pleased to let them go to church. well as the time passed and we continued to work with them..they still didnt come to church. but THEN came general conference, asistence #1, then came the stake conference, asistence #2, and then 2 weeks ago, asistence #3!!!!!!! the crazy thing is though, is that when hermana mendoza left, the kids were really sad and werent really wanting to progress (read, pray, come to church) but the mom still was!!! and she kept telling us, "i have made my decision to get baptized and even if they dont right now i am going to" it was so crazy bc she was the LEAST positive of the 3 of them when i came!!! :) but MIRACLES DO HAPPEN PEOPLE!!!! :) god has a timetable for EVERYTHING!!!!! 
their baptism was so cool!!!!!! the son got baptized first, and when he walked out of the font..the mom was crying. she was so happy and told him, "congrats my son, you were baptized." it was seriously a moment of pure joy!!!!!!!! :))))) she was also baptized and it was equally joyful! now we are just gonna work with the daughter to help her! she said she wnts to get baptized but doesnt feel completely read yet!!! and sunday, they almost gave us a heartache...they showed up late to church! BUT they came and made it in time to be confirmed!!!!! :))))) bienvenidos to the newest members of the Malacatan ward!!! :)
also...this week it rained so much! i have never seen anything like it!!!! but its also really pretty!! :) in the letter that presidente ruiz wrote me this week he asked me what i thought it meant to be a strong missionary!? and he went on to say that strong missionaries have to suffer so much...heat, rain, stress, and everything in between! and while that is true...i thought..even though we have to suffer all of that...the HOT sun of guatemala, the INSANE amount of rain, the STRESS of is NOTHING compared to the things christ had to suffer! when we suffer..we are "walking shoulder to shoulder with the greatest life this world has ever known!" I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))))))
one more thing, this week we had a multi zone conference. and presidente ruiz talked about the importance of the sacrament and the sabbath day! IT WAS SO POWERFUL!!!!!!!! i knew that it was important...but seriously the sacrament is one of the most sacred things we do!!!!!! :) it should be high priority for us!!! :)...sorry just had to crack the whip a little ;) hahahahaha im a real missionary now! ;) 
i love you all so much and know that you are working so hard! you all are such great examples for me! thank you for your love, support, prayers, EVERYTHING!!!! keep being great!!!! :)))) have a great week and nos vemos a las 7 pm domingo!!!!! :))))

Hermana Canty

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