Monday, April 13, 2015


Wow was this week full of miracles!!!!!!! :)
so much happened this week! :)

so this weekend was the stake conference! and we were working really hard to get ppl to come to it! well we saw the miracles! we had 8 investigators come with us!!!! :)


its a mom and daughter! and they are so great! they came with us saturday..even though we were a little late! but they lvoed it! it was the first time for hermana elvira (the mom) and the 2nd for maria ines! maria is so positive and so loving! she has a baptism date for this weekend and we will see what happens!!! :)


its a mom (maria) and her 2 kids! we have been teaching them since i first came here! and they havent came to church! but last week for general conference..they came! we didnt know they came bc they were downstairs and we were upstairs but we were talking to them and they were telling us all about the talks they liked!!!! we were so surprised and happy wehn they told us that!! and they also came to the stake conference!!!!!:) we are going to challenge them to be baptized the 25th of april!!!!!!


we found them on thursday of last week! and they are super positive...its a mom and her daughter! we went  on sunday to bring them to church and hermana rosadelia told us that she wasnt gonna be able to come bc she had to go to her church but that her daughter was going to come. we were waiting for her daughter and all of sudden rosadelia told us that she was gonna come too!!! she came with us to church and REALLY liked it!! we also introduced them to president and hermana ruiz bc they talked!!!

this week was amazing!! we saw many miracles are excited to see what happens next!!!! :) this conference they talked alot about the families..again!!! and it hit that the lord is telling us! HE WANTS FOREVER FAMILIES!!!!!!!! we need to do all we can to be the family he needs!!! :) i love you all so much and am so grateful you are my family!!!! :) thank you for your prayers and love!!!! :) have a great week!!!! :)


hermana canty

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