Monday, February 16, 2015

HOLA FAMILIA CANTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)))))))))

I hope you are all doing fantabulous!!!! because we are children of god and he wants us all to be happy!!! :)

anywho..i will get to telling you all about my week!!

this week was seriously great!!! let me just start by saying that the Lord really does bless us! and we can see the fruits of our labors!!! :))) this entire change we have worked very hard every day! (harder than i have my whole missin i think) and we saw the fruits! first, we had 7 investigators in church yesterday...7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was amazing!!!! we were running around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to make sure they were all in church and feeling good and understanding! but it was amazing!!! and all of them are super postive! 4 of them have fechas for baptism!!! FRUITS OF THE LABORS!

also we have seen miracles! we had some seriously cool lessons with people this week! and it really made me realize that heavenly father has placed in our path those children who are CHOSEN and READY for the gospel of jesus christ!!! i love seeing the peoples eyes light up when we teach them and when they really understand that what we are teaching them is true! in preach my gospel it says that if we teach with the spirit the things we teach will not be new to the investigator! the spirit will be able to testify to them and they will be reminded of the things they knew before! its a super cool promise!!!!! :) and really i have been able to see that here in guatemala!

really the people here are great! they dont always listen or pay attention, and a lot of our investigators arent postive or progessing..but then we have those "golden investigators" who REALLY want the gospel! and who keep their commitments and it makes all of the investigators worth it! 

i just want to share an experience really quick...but some backgroudn to the story! this week our area got cut in half! we had 2 wards and it was great! the same area but 2 wards! well this week they put elders in one of our wards! its kinda weird but we still get to work with our progressing investigators in that area so thats good!! well there is this famliy, the familia marroquin! there are some recent converts in there family and also some who arent members! well they live in the other ward, so we had a trial this week! if they came to church we could continue to work with them, but if not we had to give them to the elders! wellon wednesday we had an AMAZING lesson!! we invited them to the church and we watched the testiments!!!!! only 1 of the non member siblings came, but it was still amazing!!! seriously...i love the testaments..and if you havent seen it! WATCH IT!!!! at the end we were all crying and the spirit was so strong!!!! well then comes sunday...and the investigator came to church!!!!!!!!! his name is Odier!!!!! :))))) it was so cool! and we get to keep working with this family!!! i am so happy!!!!! :)

also...another fruit we saw this week!! William Galindo, our recent convert, spoke in church on sunday!!!!! he gave a whole 10 minute talk!!! i sat in the pew smiling like a child on christmas day!! it was amazing! and to close the meeting his wife laura gave the prayer!!!! it is so cool to how much progess they have made!!!! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!!!! 

this weekend we have a baptism! she is a partial famliy, her name is Celeste!!! :) (remember my email about her!?) i am so happy!!!! she is super pilas and really has a desire to learn!!! 

well i am not sure what else i have to share..hope you like the pics!!! :) but know that i love you all!!! you are amazing and i know the lord is watching over you! please make sure to prepare yourselves spiritually everyday! WE ARE IN A WAR PEOPLE!!!! we dont have time to let our spiritual defenses weaken!! BE STRONG!! :))) i love you all!!! :))))))

con MUCHO amor,

Hermana Canty

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