Monday, February 2, 2015


This week we saw the blessings for sure! so first..we have this investigator named Celeste! 3 weeks ago we received her as a reference from a memeber! she is the wife of a menos activo! but he is starting to come back to church. we havent been able to meet with her because we either forget to ask her right after the sacrament meeting or she leaves..but this week we found her house and were able to meet with her! she really wants to be baptized and already has her assistances needed so she just falts teaching!! :)) which is super cool! she accepted the date of 14 of Febuary! :) but this week we had a lesson with her and i asked her why she decided to start coming and why she wants to be baptized! she told us that her and her husband were having a lot of problems, but they decided that they needed to go back to church..and they did! and since then they have been stronger and their relationship has improved! it was a huge testimony to me (even though i already knew this) that the gospel blesses families! that is the second principle that we teach people! BECAUSE ITS TRUE!!!!! this gospel will help our families! and its so cool to see how it has helped celeste and her husband!!! :)))

also we had the opportunity to hear from a member of the area presidency this week!! :) Elder Ochoa came to the mission friday and spoke to us!! it was so cool to be able to hear from a General Authority!! :) i just want to share a little about what he taught us!!!! :))) i have like 5 pages of notes in my journal from him but i just want to share 4 or 5 phrases that he told us that really stood out to me!!! :) (i will translate them into english lol) 

1: we couldnt be saved without the atonement! 
2: read the scriptures, because they have eternal life
3: we should be one with the Lord
4: i should lose myself in the Lord
5: all of the hard things of the mission help us better understand chirsts journey...that is a privelage that we have!!!! :))

also presidente ruiz and hermana ruiz spoke to us and the main message of them was that serving a mission is not a sacrifice, but a blessing!!!!! :)))) 

This week i learned a lot! and i can tell that the spirit is working with me! because everyday i can feel him testify to me of the truthfullness of things! AMO SER MISIONERA!!!! :))) i hope that this coming week you will all remember just how much our savior loves us! and just how powerful his Atonement really is! if you want to read a little bit i would encourage you to read 2 Nephi 2 :) have a great week and know that i love you all!!!!! :)))

con mucho amor,

Hermana Canty

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