Monday, January 5, 2015


como estan!? les quiero mucho!! and thats about it for today ;)

this week was great!! on friday we did divisions with some of the other hermanas! and i was super nervous! bc i had to be in charge of all of the lessons that day! but hermana Jordan came with me! and she is super super awesome!! she is a convert to the church and has had a REALLY interesting conversion story! it was super neat to get to learn from her and see her testimony of the gospel help our investigators! one investigator in particular..Javier! he is 14 and has wanted to be baptized since way before i got here..but his parents havent given him permission yet! welll anyway..we went and talked with his parents..and hermana jordan shared about her life! (her parents didnt want her to get baptized..but they gave her permission and she said she was more grateful for that than anything else in her life) needless to say, their hearts were touched! we are going to see visit them tonight to find out their answer!! IT WAS SO COOL!!!!! :)

also..having 2 wards is super cool! but very tiring haha but yesterday we saw miracles!!! :) we have this investigator, Christian (who we contacted in the street on tuesday!!), and we invited him to come to church but he told us that he had a wedding in reu to go to! so we didnt really think anything of it! well we were sitting in sacrament meeting and all of a sudden i felt a tap on my shoulder..IT WAS CHIRSTIAN!!!! he did go to the wedding because he wanted to come to church! and he came all by himself!! and he stayed for all of the meetings!!!!...WOW!!!! i also screamed when i saw him i was so happy!!!!!!!! we also had 8 investigators in church yesterday with 1 family!!! (and 4 of them have baptismal dates!!) THE MIRACLES OF THE LORD ARE REAL PEOPLE!!!!!!!:)))) 

Well more things happened this week..but i cant remember them all..nor do i have time (sorry lol) but its a good thing i have a journal!! i will be sure to keep writing in it! thank you all for being such great examples to me!! and for your prayers!! keep working hard and remember that i love you!!!

with much love,

Hermana Canty

PS: president ruiz wrote me this quote today, :"The best time to plant a tree was 20 years, but the second best time is NOW!" we shouldnt wait until tomorrow, or until the "time is right" or until the next month to change and do the things we need! :)) I LOVE YOU!!!

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