Monday, December 8, 2014

Happy happy days!

hola familia!!!! how are all of you wonderful people doing!? i hope great!

well this week was really good! i had to go to the capital on tuesday to fill out papers for my visa, and i was reminded what christmas feels like when you arent in reu! we left reu at like 4 am and got to guate at around 8 and it was FREEZING!!! it was rainy and windy and so cold!! but this wonderful lady (who was a member of the church) literally gave us the clothes off her back! it was so nice and way warmer! needless to say the whole time i was there i was just waiting to come back to the warmth..but it was cool to feel cold for once! it felt more like christmas thats for sure!
on friday we went to xetulul!! its like a smaller version of disney in the middle of my area!! the mission came (we were only with like 5 other zones but the other went the day before) it was so fun! we got to wear soccer jerseys that the whole zone had so you could tell which zone was which lol it was super cool! our zone is super small so we got to ride more rides more often! it reminded me of when we went to disneyland lol we will have to come back and go to xetulul in 20 months lol it was a really fun, relaxing day and i got to wear jeans!!! :)

on saturday we had to go to san felipe (like 2 minutes away in a bus) and sing at a church thing. they broke ground for a new stake center! it was super cool to be a part of that and to see some of the first members in the san felipe stake!!! :)
but the thing i want to take most about is yesterday! no body came to church and we were super bummed! but our zone leaders told us that if we brought investigators to the christmas devotinal that it would count as an assistance (and we had investigators who NEED assistance in order to be baptized) so we worked super hard! and we went to visit vilma! it was like 5:50 when we went and the devo started at 7! so we went and visited her and she told us that she wasnt sure if she wanted to keep coming to church and doing the things we asked! she was busy working and couldnt find some products that she needed (she works for avon) so we helped her, and in 5 minutes we found all of the products she was looking for!! we then taught her about the blessings that god gives us and we invited her to the devo! at first she was reluctant (she lives like 20 min away, walking, 7 to 10 min in a bus from san martin and it was dark) but after some power of persuasion (a gift we have as missionaries) she agreed! the only problem..we had to find a member..with a car..who would get us to the devo! we ended with a prayer and RAN!! (i havent ran so much and so fast since the hurdles..and i had to still jump over dog poop lol) the place where she lives is super hard to find a bus or a taxi in the day much less at when we saw an EMPTY tuk tuk we knew taht the lord was with us! we left vilmas house at 6:13..and made it back to san martin at 6:20! we went to our assistant ward mission leaders house bc he has a car! and he agreed to help us out! after trying to find another investigator who could come we went back to vilmas! we were able to drive clear to her house, back to san martin, and then to the stake center in san felipe, and still make it with 1 min on the countdown of the devo! HEAVENLY FATHER WANTED VILMA TO BE THERE! seriously though...we NEVER find empty tuk tuks in ajaxa (where vilma lives) and we never have those things work out! but they did! and the devo was great! vilma and her daughter (who isnt a member) came to the devo and they really liked it! i couldnt stop smiling and thanking heavenly father for his help!

miricales can happen and the lord will do his will..we just need to help him!!!!

other than that my week was super chill!! we have passed out so many tarjetas about he is the gift! i hope you all can watch it, it is like 3 min long! go to and watch it! IT IS AMAZING!! i love you all so much and i know that heavenly father watches over us too!! thank you for your prayers and your support!! i cant wait to see you all in a few short weeks!! keep your faith strong and remember who guides our steps! I LOVE YOU!!! talk to you next week!

Hermana Canty

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