Monday, December 22, 2014



well i cant believe it is that time of year already!!!! how crazy this past year has gone and all of the many things that have happened!!! i love christmas time, and especially in the mission field! the "he is the gift" ( i think thats what it is called in english... haha) has been so great! and we have had a lot of success with that! it is seriously a beautiful video, and was truly inspired by god!!!! :)))))

well this week was good! we had a christmas devotional in reu on wednesday! about 5 zones (there are 13 in the mission) met together in the chapel there and presidente and hermana ruiz spoke to us! it was so good!!! they challenge us to read 25 chapters in the book of mormon and read all of luke in the bible!! :)) i love reading these chapters!! :) but after the devo we had lunch and they fed us dominos!! :P also each zone had to plan a performance for the devo and every other zone sang a christmas hymn..but not my zone hahaha we did a skit!! it was super cute and it was about the conversion process!! it was super cute!! and everyone loved it! 

also this week we had a super cool lesson with an investigator!! (background on the story. we have this investigator who wasnt really interested in taking the lessons about 2 months ago! but he got a book of mormon from another investigator and started to read it and said he wanted to meet with us! he has read a ton of the book of mormon!! and have had one other lesson before this one!) we watch the testaments with him!! it was so powerful! every time i watch it i that was awkward..but it was still super cool!!! there is power in the book of mormon! and all a person has to do is read it with an open hear, ponder on the words, and ask heavenly father if they are true and he will reveal the truth of the book unto them!! i know this to be true! and i hope that each of you can try this too!!!!! :))) 

also, i would just like to say that hermanas (sister misisonaries) are the best!!! :)) we had to help the zone leaders out with their baptism this weekend (the water in the font drained and they didnt have any more water in their chapel.... hahaha) and so they came to ours! we helped them with the baptism and it was super cool!! the look on the kids face afterwards was unforgettable!! i cant wait to have that experience!!! but i know the lord has a plan and schedule for me!!! 

anywho..i dont have too much else to say because i am super excited for wednesday!!! :)) i love you all so much!!!! please know how much i love you and please try to help the missionaries out at home!!! :)) SHARE THE GIFT!!!! :) :))))))))))


Hermana Canty

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