Monday, November 10, 2014

Week Novermeber 3rd - November 10th, 2014

 hola my amazing wonderful great loving family!

well this week was a really good week!! i made a goal to smile and say hi to everyone! and it really helped me to be happier! its really cool here because everyone always says "buenos dias/tardes/noches" whenever! when we pass people on the street..when we see them in their house..everywhere! i love it! and it helps me to be happy!!! :) 

also, the rain here is so crazy! it will be a beautiful day, and then it will just start to POUR! and when it rains, it pours!! it hasn't rained as long as it did before but it rains so hard!! i have gotten used to walking in the rain and being soaking wet lol and its not even rainy season anymore!! so i cant wait for that to come lol 

so this week we saw miracles!!!! Wilder (the investigator we play basketball with) came to church..and to a baptism that the other sister had!!! he said he wasn't going to come earlier this week but he came!! and he had a really good time!!!! he also really liked the baptism! and it was cool because he got to see what it was like! i have faith that he will continue to progress and advance in gospel!!!! also, he is super cool! and he has lot of friends who we know too! so once he is baptized he can help us teach his friends!!!! :))

also! last saturday we met a lady named Vilma who knows a member of our ward! and we had a cita with her for wednesday! let me just say this...SHE IS SO READY!!! we had only been talking for 5 minutes i could feel the love that heavenly father had for her and i knew that she was ready!! we had a great lesson with her! we talked about the atonement and wow! it was a very spiritual lesson! i love being able to teach people about gods love for them! and to make it better..she came to church! with her 3 kids and 2 nephews!!!!!! and she said that she was gonna come again next week!!! heavenly father prepares people!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))

well im not too sure what else happened this week!! I pray for all of our investigators everyday! i know the gospel can and will help people if they let it!! also...sidenot lol the benefit of walking everywhere is that my calf muscles are coming back haha also! i love them!!!!!!! i think i had more to write but i have kinda written a little bit of everything to chat about it and then everyone will know everything haha 

i love you all so much!!! i seriously have the best family in the world!!! i talk about you all with everyone!! (wilder almost died when i told him i was the shortest lol) i love being able to talk about my eternal family!! thank you for everything!! stay golden and know that i love you all with my whole heart! good luck with everything this week!!!!

con mucho amor,

Hermana Kelli Dawn Canty

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