Monday, November 17, 2014


WOW!!! where has the time gone!? i have officially hit my two month mark!!! i feel like i have been on my mission for years and also like i just left!! i love being a missionary! i get to see the lords hand every day!! i get to walk up to random people and ask them their name/age/religion/hobbies all because i am a missionary! its pretty cool!! :))

so this week was kinda hard! last week we had a lot of investigators who were progressing and it was super awesome..and then this week..we couldn't find any of them! they were either working all the time or just disappeared from the face of the earth!!! there were a few times when we just prayed to know where to go and who to teach!! needless to say...i did a lot of walking this week!! lol as hard as this week was..i also saw so many blessings!!!!!!

one night we were especially bummed and all of our plans/backup plans/backup backup plans fell through..we were sitting in our house and we just knelt down and prayed to know where to go! i remember feeling like "heavenly father is going to put someone in our path" we got up and started to walk to an investigators house...they weren't home so we just started walking to other area! while we were walking we ran into a bolo (a drunk man! *usually when we see drunk people i get kinda freaked out! and we avoid them but this time i didn't have that feeling! i felt really calm*) we started talking to him and taught him a little about the atonement! we had a good 10 minute talk with him and left him with a word of wisdom pamphlet! it was really funny and actually pretty cool! he just kept telling us "why couldn't everyone in the world be like you two hermanas!?" after that little lesson i was just reminded that what we are doing is the lords work! even when our citas fall and our investigators flake...heavenly father knows! that night we had a lot of experiences like that! we talked to 2 other people who weren't necessarily positive investigators but we were able to bear testimony to them and i definitely felt the spirit! we were also able to talk to a less active member! that night i realized that sometimes..all people need is for someone to listen!

Hermana Beckstrand had our district leader give her a blessing on Friday! and it was super cool!! in it he said that heavenly father knew where she was and what she was going through! he knew that we were having a hard time but that it would get better!! it was really cool to listen to the blessing (one because it was in English lol) but it also gave us the boost that we needed to stop dwelling on the things that didn't go right and focus on the things that did!!!

so something cool that happened!! aroldo (the member who always goes with us) has a friend named Afie! he is super cool! he told us that he wanted to come to church before we even had our first lesson with him! he also wants to know more and is super interested!! he came to church this week (the only investigator but that's okay because he came!!!! :) ) and last night we had a GREAT lesson about Joseph smith!!!! it was so cool to bear testimony of Joseph smith to him! and he said he was going to read the book of Mormon!!!! :)

I love Hermana beckstrand!! she is super funny and we get along really great!!!! :) she is definitely a blessing in my life!!! i also got to see the elders and sister i came with from the mtc!!! we had a meeting on Wednesday and we got to come to reu!! it was really fun to see everyone again!!!!! :) we also got to eat churrazco! its just a bunch of meat cooked with vegetables! its super yummy!!!!!!!! :) also, dad they have the big banana leaves you were wanting!!!!!!! :) i will have to bring some home with me!!!

well i don't have too much else to say other than we are having a family home evening with an investigator tonight!!! whooooo!!!! this week was hard and great all at the same time!!!!! i am so grateful for each and every one of you!!! i love you all so much! thank you for being my support and my family!!! good luck with every thing this week!!!! i hope you all stay safe and remember that i love you so much!!!!!! sorry if i left anything out!! if you want to know anything just ask!!! :))))) I LOVE YOU!!!!!! 

con mucho mucho mucho amor!!!

hermana Canty

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