Tuesday, November 25, 2014


hello family!!

i cant believe this week is already thanksgiving!!! wow! where has the time gone!! i hope you all are getting your stomachs ready to eat tons of food!!! i know i am ;)) lol well i just ask that each of you eat a whole plate of food for me too!!!! ;))

this week has been really good!! Tuesday was hard! we were kinda down about all of our investigators and such and weren't too positive! but when our lunch apt fell through we went to visit one of the investigators who hadn't been home too much recently! and she was  home!! it was great!! we had a really good lesson with her and challenged her with a baptismal date of this Saturday!!!!!! we have been teaching her everyday of the week to help get her ready! her name is vilma and she is the cutest lady ever!!!! 

we also have a little boy named José Rodolfo who is set to get baptized this Saturday! i met him my very first day in san martin!! he is super cute and really excited to get baptized, he is 10 years old!!!! :))) so i will be sending lots of pics home next week for sure!!! :))) 

one of the assistants to the president and one of our zone leaders came with us to our lessons with vilma and josé this week!! it was really cool to have them there and to see how other missionaries teach too!!! :)))

Satan is real and he will do everything he can to stop the lords work from progressing! i have seen that first hand this week but i have also seen how hard heavenly father works with people and how much he blesses people!! everyday i am thankful i know the gospel and have it my life!! 

i love you all and pray everyday for you!! good luck with everything and remember that heavenly father watches over us!! :)


hermana canty

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